It started as an idea one late night in the Summer of 2018. We came up with an idea to create a platform that incorporates two giants of the entertainment business — film and music. It all came to life in the form of a video production company. Combining music and visual arts is an intricate process requiring knowledge of both fields and extreme care for detail. We are people who are immersed in music & film industries and are seeking for the creation of art that moves people.

Expressions, bright colours, music & important events. We are ready to document it all on all the perspectives & angles. We ensure that your project will get hands on care from the entire Blazin’ Boar Productions Team, while seeking for the best quality and the happiest clients! Blazin’ Boar Productions is dedicated to deliver an affordable, innovative product by translating your vision into  an exceptional, compelling video that delivers measurable results and impact for your business or music career.

Our goal is to provide you with easy and clear communication regarding your needs and our services. We commit to each individual project and to the clients by communicating throughout the whole process,  understanding and creating relationships with our clients and other businesses. We dream big and are taking steps toward those dreams.